"They found one post they could get on and just started mocking me and saying that I killed my son. A nurse fills up a syringe with the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at a vaccination site at a senior center on March 29, 2021 in San Antonio, Texas. For one, vaccines have been proved safe and reliable to prevent COVID-19 infection. 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As with every successful piece of false information, the untrue link between vaccination and infertility began with uncertainty. You killed your boy. Facebook and Twitter . CNN has reached out to the Packers and the NFL for comment but has not yet gotten a response. One of Haglers children, James Hagler, told TMZ that his father was taken to a New Hampshire hospital on March 13 after experiencing trouble breathing and chest pains at home. The FDA has cautioned people not to take hydroxychloroquine outside of a hospital setting because of heart rhythm risks. USA TODAY was unable to reachtheusers who posted the claims for further comment. aren't being compelled to take a Covid vaccine. None of the COVID-19 vaccines currently authorized in the United States were trialed on pregnant people at the same time as the general population. For the latest on COVID-19, readers are encouraged to use online resources from the CDC, WHO and local public health departments. 1998 - 2023 Nexstar Media Inc. | All Rights Reserved. An emergency room doctor laments the Green Bay Packers quarterback's missed opportunity to promote vaccines instead of dispute. Earlier in the pandemic most of her questions came from women, but shes now talking to parents of young boys and girls who are already thinking about grandchildren. But fewer than 56 million people in the U.S., or 17% of the population, have received a dose of the updated bivalent boosters that became available in September 2022 and provide better protection against the omicron variants that remain in circulation. Two thirds of parents of 5 to 11 year olds cited concerns about their childrens future fertility as reasons for not vaccinating, in a survey published in the Kaiser Family Foundations most recent COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor. His Week 10 . He noted that the hospital where he practices has had a flu vaccine requirement for employees for 20 years. The irony here is that while the vaccines have never been found to impact fertility, COVID-19 infection has been found to significantly impact male fertility, although there are still many unanswered questions. The two authors asked that all vaccine studies be suspended. The rumors raising concerns about fertility began even before there was a fully vetted vaccine. The data we have right now has shown that young people can receive this vaccine, that its safe, and that it is effective, she says. In addition, studies since the vaccines were first granted Emergency Use Authorization last December have shown that this myth has been a key motivator for people to not get vaccinated. ", Ball reported the comment and, on March 2, received a message from Facebook support that told him that the comment did not violate "Community Standards.". This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. There should be no hesitancy on the physicians part, he says.Update, November 5, 2021: This article has been updated with quotes from Eloho Ufomata. Subscribe to Fortune Dailyto get essential business stories straight to your inbox each morning. Two masks are better than one, according to CDC, Sign up to receive the most up-to-date information. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people who have already had COVID-19 should still get a coronavirus vaccine because the shots are much more reliable and . The Fulton County Medical Examiner's office confirmed with NBC Atlanta affiliate 11 Alive that there was no evidence the COVID-19 vaccine caused Aaron's death. Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you're on the go. Currently, Aaron is gearing up for his first game since testing positive for COVID-19 earlier this month. Payouts are limited to unreimbursed medical expenses and up to $50,000 a year in lost wages. "The main thing (is) I just support him. "But realizing I wasn't, I was like, 'We need to say that this is happening, and we need to say it loud.'". every successful piece of false information. We now know what Rodgers meant when he lied about being vaccinated and said he was immunized. (Remember, reporters asked him, Have you been vaccinated? and the first words of his response were, Yeah, Ive been immunized ). CNN has reached out to the Packers and the NFL for comment but has not yet gotten a response. This is what Rodgers has said on the subject: In August, when asked if he had received the Covid-19 . And now theyre beginning to act, largely to satisfy their conservative constituents. This effort takes a lot of resources to gather and update. Aside from reactions such asallergies the day of or withina few days of vaccination, there is no evidence to suggest that adverse vaccine health outcomes, such as death among the elderly,are occurring atan unusual frequency compared with what would normally happen in the absence of vaccination. He and his colleagues also looked at the potential effects of vaccines in these areas and found none. As vaccine eligibility has been expanded to ever-younger patients, Morris finds herself having to address concerns about vaccination for people at different stages of life. I share that because the vaccine won't stop ALL death, but it will go a long way in preventing deaths from coronavirus, which is disproportionately impacting minority communities. Billy Ball lost his 6-year-old son due to a rare medical condition in January. Jones' father, Alvin Jones Sr., died on April 6, 2021, of . Polls have shown that public confidence in the vaccines has solidified generally in recent months, but confidence among African-Americans is running lower than among other demographic groups, even though the virus has swept through that community with a punishing fury. Theres no evidence that either mans death was related to COVID-19 vaccines. Ed Rodgers told USA TODAY Sports that he supports the Green Bay Packers' quarterback's decision to pursue alternative forms of treatmentin lieu of getting vaccinated. USA TODAY was unable to reachFulton County officials for comment. There hasn't been an official announcement. The study that prompted the CDC to make its recommendation for pregnant women is just one of many going on around the world, none of which have shown there to be any link between COVID-19 vaccination and pregnancy loss or infertility. Fox News, which can't seem to get its COVID vaccine story straight, "almost immediately aired a complaint that Biden didn't extend a thank-you to Trump for accelerating the vaccine timeline . They were like, 'Laugh out loud.' I trust his judgment and decisions. "Mr . The use of Covid-19 vaccines is the . Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers says one reason he didnt want to take a COVID-19 vaccine is that he wants to be a father and, he says, To my knowledge, theres been zero long-term studies around sterility or fertility issues around the vaccine, so that was definitely something that I was worried about and it went through my mind.. The government is also beginning the process of lifting shot requirements for Head Start educators, healthcare workers, and noncitizens at U.S. land borders. The next day, Kay Hagler posted another message on the same page, saying in part: I would like to speak with my heart to all of you. Even so, anti-vaccine activists have sought to undermine the publics confidence in the vaccines, using social media to spread unfounded accounts of people dying or suffering drastic side effects. Alvin Jones, Sr., was a COVID-19 victim. Thomas Hitman Hearns, a Hall of Fame boxer who was defeated by Hagler in a championship fight in 1985, said in a March 13 Instagram post with a photo of Hagler: A real true warrior Pray for the king and his family.. hes in ICU fighting the after effects of the vaccine! Either way, the mourning father could not keep up with all the comments. Clubs are not permitted to comment on a players medical status other than referring to roster status, according to NFL and NFLPA policy. We contacted the New Hampshire Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to ask whether Hagler received a COVID-19 vaccine and what caused his death, and were referred to the state attorney generals office. Alvin Jones, Sr., Aaron's father, died earlier this year, April 6. Never mind the skeptics, officials say: Hank Aarons death had nothing to do with the Covid-19 vaccine. I believe strongly in bodily autonomy and the ability to make choices for your body, not to have to acquiesce to some woke culture or crazed group of individuals who say you have to do something. Meta and Twitter CEO Elon Musk did not respond to a request for comment on this story. With no evidence to back this claim, we rate it False. Some vaccine-doubters point out that side effects of the vaccine could include a fever, and fever can affect sperm production. In cases where it was taken, people have been hospitalized. Aarons estrangement from his family has been documented for some time. Heres why. Aaron Rodgers is no longer a Green Bay Packer. Still, Mr. Aarons death has gotten caught up in a swirl of misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding the coronavirus and societys efforts to fight it. ", Later in the interview, Rodgers similarly added: "I'm an athlete, I'm not an activist. Aaron's death 'not related' to vaccine. "I'm proud of him. Aaron Rodgers, Tucker Carlson, and the Birth of Celebrity Outrage Over Vaccines, Masks, and Mandates How Andrew Wakefield and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have influenced the famous on "bodily. Ball was surprised that Facebook appeared to tolerate harassment on its platform. On Nov. 5, the quarterback confirmed he was unvaccinated and said he "didn't lie" when he told the media in August that he was "immunized. Morehouse released a statement to CBS Alabama affiliate CBS 42 on Jan. 25, saying the former athlete's death was unrelated to the COVID-19vaccine. After the pandemic began, scientists did launch some clinical trials to see if ivermectin could help as a treatment for COVID. "To date, weve seen nothing that supports that these vaccines, other than the reaction you have at the time of the vaccination or after the first 24 to 36 hours, whichduring that time you can feel a little rough, particularly after your second dose of vaccine, but beyond that, weve not seen anything yet that supports these vaccines have any adverse health outcomes," he said. NFL Draft Hub: Latest NFL Draft mock drafts, news, live picks, grades and analysis. The American Society of Reproductive Medicine says, in a headline, Covid Vaccine Does Not Cause Female Sterility. The CDC notes: A recent report using the v-safe safety monitoring system data showed that 4,800 people had a positive pregnancy test after receiving a first dose of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine (i.e., Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna).9 Another report using data from 8 U.S. healthcare systems documented more than 1,000 people who completed COVID-19 vaccination (with any COVID-19 vaccine) before becoming pregnant. For more than 40 minutes, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers announced to the world all the reasons he was unvaccinated. I think its personal decision. "My desire to immunize myself was what was best for my body & that's why this is so important to me. Insider received an automated response from Twitter. So I'm going to get back to doing what I do best, and that's playing ball. Michael Yeadon, who was the vice president of the German companys allergy and respiratory research division until 2011, claimed that a tiny similarity between the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein that the vaccines target and a protein found in the human placenta could result in vaccinated people having miscarriages when their body attacked the placenta. The researchers further noted early evidence of a birthrate decline in the United States during the pandemic. In Germany, the "seven cases of elderly people dying shortly after vaccination" were evaluated by the Paul Ehrlich Institute, whichconcluded most probably died from preexisting illnesses, including carcinomas, kidney deficiencies and Alzheimer's disease, and not vaccination, Bloomberg reported. Lets address Rodgers statement in parts. A third of the women who were thinking about becoming pregnant before the pandemic but had not yet begun trying said they were no longer considering it. "I would have been reluctant to say anything at all if I was this outlier case," Ball said. "Mr. Aaron was a public health advocate and worked with us to help bridge the health equity gap in Atlanta and around the world. But our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us, Biden said at the time. (Read more about our partnership with Facebook.). Discovery Company. While I believe that these vaccine mandates had a tremendous beneficial impact, we are now at a point where we think that it makes a lot of sense to pull these requirements down, White House COVID-19 coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha told The Associated Press on Monday. Ed Rodgers told USA TODAY Sports that he supports the Green Bay Packers' quarterback's decision to pursue alternative forms of treatment in lieu of getting vaccinated. That was several hours before he died, according to TMZ. That is why the Morehouse School of Medicine assembled pioneering civil rights leaders like Mr. Aaron and Andrew Young, the former United Nations ambassador, to get vaccinated and lead by example. Users on social media suggestedthe COVID-19 vaccine may have played arole in Aaron's death. Pro Football Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw took a strong stance against Aaron Rodgers on Sunday after the Green Bay Packers quarterback revealed he was not vaccinated against COVID-19 despite the . People should take the opportunity to get vaccinated before conceiving, but the vaccine is safe across all three trimesters of pregnancy, says Mary Rosser, director of integrated womens health at the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Ufomata, who is in her third trimester, posted on social media when she got vaccinated at the end of December 2020and again recently when she received her booster shotencouraging her followers to get in touch if they have questions. Ivermectin is a generic drug that has been used for decades to treat river blindness, scabies and even head lice. Much has changed for Aaron since those comments were made, including a 2020 MVP award and a new fiance in actress Shailene Woodley. Rodgers isnt alone in his worries, but that doesnt mean hes right. He passed away peacefully in his sleep.". The quarterback looked to homeopathic treatment instead to raise his antibody levels, according to NFL.com. He also decided against getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because he had heard of friends adverse reactions to it. Your effort and contribution in providing this feedback is much The story recounts comments Aaron made after his vaccination experience and theexistence of some vaccine hesitancy. FACT CHECK. "I don't know. So Im proud of him. The EIN for the organization is 59-1630423. "Home Run King Hank Aaron Dies of 'Undisclosed Cause' 18 Days After Receiving Moderna Vaccine," the article's headline reads. The cause of Aarons death was ruled natural and not linked to the COVID-19 vaccine. Want more of our free, weekly newslettersinyourinbox? He said the Covid vaccine goes against his son's "basic . A COVID-19 infection is also much, much more dangerous for pregnant people, and is associated with a host of negative outcomes for both carrier and fetus, including miscarriage and preterm birth. A Warner Bros. And now, they are rolling up their sleeves to save lives.. According to the Times, Aaron allegedly stopped talking to his family members at the end of 2014. Billy Ball lost his 6-year-old son due to a rare medical condition in January. You get infected more quickly, and pregnant women can go downhill fast, she adds. That study included 45 men. Were working hard to bring you the latest news on the coronavirus in Florida. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is dealing with the fallout after his comments on the COVID-19 vaccines during a Friday appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show." Prevea Health . Im proud of him. Aaron Jones offered a misguided and widely mocked response to the question of whether he knew about Rodgers being unvaccinated. Health officials say that so far, with more than 25 million doses administered in the United States, the two vaccines already authorized for use appear to be quite safe. November 3, 2021. ABC News reported how online conspiracy theorists have clung to "Died suddenly" posts to push a claim that a child, celebrity, or athlete died unexpectedly because of the COVID-19 shot. Heres why risks rise when confidence in vaccines drops | Column, Floridas graduating seniors shouldnt face different rules | Letters, After 2 Tampa Bay delivery attacks, gig workers worry about dangers, Florida plan to ease high school graduation rules clears House. We have answers, Florida. Studies show it's COVID-19 not vaccines men need to worry about. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers confirmed he's unvaccinated just days after testing positive for COVID-19. As a Black physician and as a Black woman, I know about the distrust of the medical system that Black women have due to systemic injustices, she says. GREEN BAY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Announcements from the Packers and Jets Wednesday made it official. Speaking with USA Today, Ed Rodgers said he is "proud . FACE MASKS: Two masks are better than one, according to CDC. In the past year, unexpected deaths or health complications have become a dog whistle for anti-vaxxers who believe or suggest the COVID-19 vaccine is the cause behind these medical episodes. Vaccine requirements for federal workers and federal contractors, as well as foreign air travelers to the U.S., will end May 11. She didnt mention a cause of death. Rodgers said he has an allergy to one of the ingredients of the mRNA vaccines, and that he didnt trust Johnson & Johnsons one-dose vaccine, so he sought alternatives. In fact, when his younger brother, Jordan, appeared on The Bachelorette in 2016, the familys strained relations became a plot point. But the father's social media feeds soon devolved into a cesspool of conspiracy theorists baselessly claiming that Ball killed his son by getting him vaccinated for COVID-19. What is the media saying about the unvaccinated Aaron Rodgers? Jones, whose father Alvin Sr. died in March of COVID, said this doesn't affect Rodgers' status as a leader of the team and said he didn't view Rodgers' decision not to get vaccinated as a. Aaron Jones, playing for his father who died of COVID-19 complications, has huge night in Packers win Frank Schwab Updated September 21, 2021 at 4:14 AM During the Monday night broadcast,. GET THE DAYSTARTER MORNING UPDATE: Sign up to receive the most up-to-date information. Additionally, the risk of infection among those who were partially vaccinated was 81% lower. I trust his judgment and decisions. Scientific American notes a COVID-19 infection may cause erectile dysfunction: Ranjith Ramasamy, director of reproductive urology at the University of Miami, has published several studies describing the novel coronavirus in penile and testicular tissue and its effects on erectile dysfunction. By Aaron Kheriaty and Gerard V. Bradley. When Buffalo Bills' safety Damar Hamlin suddenly collapsed in the middle of the game, anti-vaxxers, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, immediately suggested that the incident had something to do with the COVID-19 vaccine. Im not going to judge those guys. Rodgers previously told McAfee that he was allergic to an ingredient in the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna), and did not want to receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because, he claimed, "I had heard of multiple people who had had adverse events around getting the J&J." Healio quotes Dr. Linda G. Kahn, an assistant professor in the departments of pediatrics and population health at NYU Langone Health: MORE FROM POYNTER: What is the media saying about the unvaccinated Aaron Rodgers?
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