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Trey Clef

Trey Clef

Music That Elevates


We Are Trey Clef

Trey Clef consists of 3 members. Isaiah, Zik and Jay Jus Chillin. Isaiah is the producer of the group. Both Isaac and Johnny are the lyricist. We all specialize in recording which allows us to be more versatile than other artists.

Only The Beginning

Part II

Trey Clef | 2019

Music Videos

The Dough

Zikler Flare Single
Trey Clef

Let It Be Known

Jay Jus Chillin Single
Trey Clef


Isaiah Single
Trey Clef


Coast 2 Coast Live

Zickler Flare 1st Place 
Miami – 3/29/15

I'm So Lost

Trey Clef
Tampa – 1/4/2011

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